Conference agenda and topics

The final agenda is here!

Will you be there when your ship comes in?
In our industry, the tides are always changing. The best PR professionals don’t just scope out new trends and challenges — they have their bags packed and ready to go when the moment of opportunity arrives. Prepare to be inspired and energized as Gary McCormack forecasts the biggest trends to watch in 2017, and how to navigate them to ensure long-term PR success.
Speaker: Gary McCormack

Building Trust in a World of Lies
Lies, damned lies and alternative facts! The truth as we know it has been altered. How do you build trust with your audience when leaders and followers alike question the validity of traditional media? Like a compass guiding the way through turbulent seas, this session will help you develop strategic plans that are built to withstand the pressures of our day.
Speaker: TBA

Ben DavisDrinking Beer from Here
The battle was brewing, and the war is won. Ben Davis, owner of Intuition Ale Works in Jacksonville, will share a behind-the-scenes perspective on the fight to protect the legal rights of craft breweries throughout the Sunshine State. Cheers!
Speaker: Ben Davis, Founder of Intuition Ale Works

Joseph AbreuTerrorist on Your Team? Managing an Unexpected Crisis
As headlines about the terrorist attack at Pulse Nightclub spread around the world, Joseph Abreu had a bone-chilling realization: the shooter was one of his employees. Join Joseph for an honest and intimate discussion about how to maintain composure when your company’s internal communications become part of an external story.
Speaker: Joseph Abreu, Communications Manager at the Clerk of the Circuit Court, St. Lucie County

Scott DzierzanowskiAchievement Unlocked! Using Game Theory to Level Up Your PR
Ready, player one? Prepare to bring some scientifically sound fun to your next PR campaign. This engaging and interactive session will guide you through the latest research and evidence behind game theory, tips for encouraging your peers to plug in, and best practices to create a win/win scenario for your target audiences.
Speaker: Scott Dzierzanowski, Mosaic Sales Solutions

Tim Dodsonth7 Hacks to Create Award Winning Silver Anvil Entries

Every PR pro knows how to brag about his or her clients — but how many know how to effectively brag about themselves? Tim Dodson is here to provide the pep talk you need to get the kind of recognition you deserve. In this can’t-miss session, he’ll share his hard-earned secrets to Silver Anvil success with you.
Speaker: Tim Dodson, APR

Bonnie UprightHow the World Met my (Dead) Mother
Bonnie Upright’s mother, Emily Phillips, left a legacy of love and laughter that touched millions of people as her self-penned obituary spread across news headlines and social media. Imagine Bonnie’s surprise, then, when her mother’s famous words made an encore appearance under a different name. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you may laugh so hard you cry when Bonnie presents this real-world reminder that no one is safe from plagiarism (even in death).
Speaker: Bonnie Upright, APR

Kate Norton-th

Boats and Pros! Interactive! Creating Videos on a Shoestring Budget
We’re taking this learning session to the Lido deck! Bring your phone and an open mind, and get ready to re-think your video production process. Kate Norton will share her tips for producing a prestigious video with worldwide appeal, even when you’re strapped for cash.
Speaker: Kate Norton, Nemours

PR Confidential
What happens on the boat, stays on the boat. Share your most salacious PR experiences in this safe space. From sticky client scenarios to media relations mishaps, we encourage you to go overboard in the name of saving your peers from similar fates.

Bryan CampbellSea-Suite! Get a Seat at the Captain Table
There are two ways to earn a seat at your client or company’s leadership table: you can wait for one to be offered to you, or you can bring your own chair (and a little moxie) to the table yourself. Those who are happy to sit on the sidelines need not attend this no-nonsense session on how to claim your place in the inner circle.
Speaker: Bryan Campbell